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The Rise of Docker, a Containers 101


The rise of Docker highlights a change in the way applications are being developed for today and the future. Today, having a successful business means pushing the boundaries with technology. In my previous post on DevOps, The 3 Ways and Cloud,¬†I talk about this and the importance of using I.T as an enabler for all business goals. The impact is seen most obviously in Silicon Valley, there is much more focus on having top coders. Some of the best developers have agents¬†managing the selection of companies they work for and…
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The Journey to Cloud

Joy in the Journey

Hi Everyone, Welcome to TobiasOnCloud. For my first post I wanted to address something I see a lot with the customers I visit, which is the desire to transform their datacenter from a traditional model into a “Private Cloud”. Firstly, this means many different things to many different people, but for this example lets assume we’re looking to move from managing everything in the datacenter separately (Compute, Network, Storage, Virtualization, Monitoring, Approvals, etc.) with an ITSM wrapper (many spreadsheets and emails) to an AWS-like experience inside the comforts of you…
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