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Micro Services, Netflix and The End of Pizza Releases

Domino's Pizza

By now, all of us know Netflix and have used it. We should also know that because of the uptake in streaming services in general, traditional DVD rental services had to either adapt or face bankruptcy. Lovefilm, a more traditional DVD rental service was acquired by Amazon for £200m which became Lovefilm instant, a streaming service, and finally Amazon prime instant video. Blockbuster wasnt so adaptive…. Netflix themselves are the poster child for Amazon Web Services. To me, the fact that they’re running their platform on what’s essentially an outsourced…
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DevOps, The 3 Ways and Cloud


Since reading The Phoenix Project, I’m finding myself once again enthusiastic about DevOps culture. When I first learned the term and started working on DevOps projects years ago as a Cloud Architect, I liked the idea and could see its merits. Better consistency of code releases, faster release cycles into production, developing the right solutions for production etc. However, I became a little despondent on the idea over the last few years, since a number of different large organisations have either tried and failed, or are still trying to do…
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